Fast Computers

Founded in 1998 by Chad Kempt, Fast Computers is a service-based business that helps people and companies alike meet their technology needs.

Fast Computers has grown from one person helping dozens of people and later offering technology consulting for businesses to helping thousands of people and hundreds of businesses.

This was solely accomplished by the great reviews, referrals and recommendations our satisfied clients have shared with others.

It isn’t just the number of people we’ve been able to help each year that has changed. Fast Computers is now able to offer a much wider range of products, services, support options and business solutions.

Our Values

Above and Beyond Expectations

Fast Computers was founded on simple concepts – provide incredible service for everyone and provide the best product and solution for every scenario, rather than push products to meet internal goals or add services to increase our bottom line. We believe our customers realize this, and our client satisfaction rates and the number of referrals we receive reflects this.

The Benefits of Being Small

Regardless of the number of employees we have, we will always operate as a small business does. We do not outsource any work or projects, you will always be dealing with a local person. You can always speak to the same person you originally dealt with; someone who knows you, your equipment, and your needs.

A Casual Atmosphere

We value great ideas, collaboration, and an incredible skill set over a stiff business suit and traditional management styles. Our casual environment does not stop us from being professional nor does it impede us from achieving success. The opposite is true – it promotes our dynamic and energized outlook for business and fuels the mindset of “Get the Job Done”.